Saturday, January 2


A year in review...

*Colleen did this on her blog and I thought it was a great I'm copying*

January...the blog got off to a slow start. I started by stealing some photos from my sister. No real posts until the 9th of the year. I tried to play it off by giving the post a catchy title, "9 photos on the 9th of 09" But, really, I was just being lazy! On January 5, we lost Coleman. Such a sweet boy and strong fighter. My heart still hurts for Peggy, Scott and Caden. But with death comes life and in mid-January I announced the exciting news that my sister was having a baby!!!

February...We started the month with a week off from work and school. The city was practically shut down due to and ice and snow storm. I posted some pretty cool pictures of the "aftermath." Mid-month, I committed to run a marathon with Team in Training. I also began a long journey of dentist and orthodontist visits. Oh and Michelle got a surprise at her 3 month pre-natal visit...TWINS!

March...I took care of some sick boys and Annabelle learned to play "Fetch!"

April...We spent Spring Break in beautiful Gatlinburg, TN. I continued to train for the marathon and (sadly) had my braces put on.

May...Running, running, running. The marathon is at the end of the month! I took the kids to the zoo. And got teary when I came home and compared these photos! All the training cumilated in a great trip to San Diego. I finished the Marathon with a time of 6 hours and 11 minutes. It was long and hard and I never want to do it again! (well, until, 3 days later when the aching subsides!)

June/July...The First Annual (maybe!) Yours + Mine = Ours Bloggy Awards! I "honored" some of my great on-line friends with some made up awards! Mid-June, we headed to Daytona Beach where we spent the next month. Basking in the sun and sand and spending quality time with our Florida family! On July 21, two beautiful little girls entered this world (a month early!) and brightened all our lives! I couldn't love these girls more if they were my own children!

August...This little blog turns one year old and this old lady turns 32!

September...Cross Country season kicks in to full gear. Rachel shows amazing improvement. She cuts almost 6 minutes off her time from her first race of 2008 to her first race of 2009! Tyler starts the season strong and only gets better! He amazes us every week! He places second in Regionals and 21st in the Kentucky State Meet!

October/November/December...I only post 14 times in these 3 months. I claim to have no idea why. Upon reflection, I realize that I am wasting ALL my time on Facebook! By mid-December, I "de-friend" over 200 people I don't really care about and begin to limit my FB browsing time! It seems I have so much more free time!

That brings us to today. January 2, 2010. 2010...Wow! I remember one time when I was younger (probably under 10) and we were watching the Miss America pageant. I looked at my mom and told her, "I hope I'm still alive to see Miss America 2000!" LOL! Obviously, I did not realize that the year 2000 was not far away. Ironically, I did see the Miss America 2000 pageant and Miss Kentucky won!
The point of that story was to point out just how quickly time flies! Before I know it I will be writing this same post for the recap of 2010. I hope that I will be a better blogger in the coming year. I want to try new things, re-do old things, meet new people, watch the kids in my life continue to grow and learn, spend time with family, catch up with friends, read a lot of books, lose some weight, etc, etc, etc....

Happy New Year to all my bloggy friends!
Here's to a great 2010!


Colleen said...

That was a great post. You had a full year and it sounds like a very good one, too. I'll bet that 2010 holds many wonderful adventures as well. Cheers!

P.S. Your explanation of FB is exactly why I have never ventured near it.

Michelle said...

Love your post, I do believe that I will be stealing this idea and doing a blog right now!!!!!!!!!!!

Casey's trio said...

It is amazing how fast time goes by...LOL about your wish to see Miss America in 2000!!

Raine said...

You had 200 friends to defriend??? Damn, girl, how many friends you got? :D

Kirsten said...

I can't believe that you de-friended 200 people and you kept me. I am honored and touched. Wait . . . did you keep me just because I have a farm? hee hee, great post. Happy New Year! :-)

Colleen said...

Oh, Jen... It's been over a month. How about an update? :)