Friday, January 2

New Year's Eve Theif

That's me! These pics have all been stolen from my sister's Facebook page! I have been too lazy to blog and too lazy to download my pics. I am soaking in the warmth of the last days of the year. Too much food, too much drink (as to be illustrated in the following pics) and too much sleep!

New Year = New Me!

For now, check out this train wreck!

Prepping the party food

My family

Our best friends and favorite guests

We were a team for The Joke Game.
Notice the Margarita...

My son kept calling me drunk
and challenged me to
walk a straight line.
Not only did I do it,
but I did twice!
The second time as an Egyptian!

A New Year's Kiss! ;)

A New Year's toast!
This year's toasts were very special and touching.
(Don't worry...the kids had sparkling apple juice, like here)

A New Year's cigar!
Gimme a break,
it's only once a year and
I shared with Big Daddy

A group pic.
And I get mad when the kids won't behave?

And finally,
proof that I did take some pics myself.
Look for those in the next few days.

Til then...
Happy New Year Everyone!
With love,


Michelle said...

Your caption under the pic of us outside cracked me up!!

Becky said...

Ha ha! Love em Jen. i have some similar pictures, but I sure as hell won't be posted them for all to see. Maybe I'll just email some to you. Hope this year is the best one yet. Still waiting for that big news!!!!

Colleen said...

Funny pictures!

Happy New Year, Jen!!!