Monday, June 15

Blog Awards

So I haven't received any blog awards, except for one from Renee, many, many months ago. I don't really care about showing off awards, I just like them because then I get to pass them on to others.

Well, guess what? I'm going to make up my own awards and give it out!

May I present the first ever...

Your + Mine = Ours Bloggy Awards!

Award 1 = Party Girls

And what else would I name my first Blog Award after, but my very favorite drink! It's also my favorite way to "toast" my friends!

Here are the "rules" for this award.
1. Post the logo on your blog (you can just cut and paste!)
2. Link back to my blog @
3. Nominate 3-5 of your bloggy friends and tell us why you're toasting them!
4. Don't forget to leave comments for your friends so they can come get their award!

I would like to give this award to a couple of my very favorite bloggers!

Kirsten @ Notes from a Human Napkin
Now what to say about Kirsten? I love her and her blog. I honestly feel like I've known her for many years! We've never met or spoken to each other and I have only been reading her blog for about a year. She makes me laugh though and many times it seems I can guess what she's going to say next. Aside from our similar sense of humor and our love for Coleman, we seem to have a lot in common! I can't wait to see what she gets up to this summer! Well, once Jack gets out of school! ;o)

Shea @ Shea's Days
Shea writes one of the first blogs I started reading. I have absolutely no idea how we found each other! Is it because we both L-O-V-E the movie Urban Cowboy? During the past year Shea and I have learned that we are very different in many ways, but we both seem to love the other's blog! It's fun having a friend that's different. In fact, that is one of the things I love most about blogging!

Renee @ My Special K's
I love Renee! I "met" her through Mimi and Peggy on CarePages. I first learned of Renee's "sincess" Kennedy as she is a Leukemia SURVIVOR!!! Yay Kennedy! Ahem, anyway...
It seems Renee has three other Special K's and her husband is in the military. And now they are adding to their family by adopting Kellsey! Renee is an inspiring, happy woman and I'm glad to know her!

Karen @ 33 for a Moment
Karen is one busy girl with one beautiful baby! Karen and Kate run around Atlanta taking in all the sights, sounds, classes and Chik-fil-a they can handle! I love reading her blog and hearing about the adventures they get into from day to day. Oh and she makes me laugh a lot too!

Kat @ Mama's Losin' It
Well, I just love Kat! I believe I may have mentioned her here before. Like herehere. Anyway, I won't go into how funny she is or how I wish she would visit my blog everyday and tell me how funny I am! I just wish I was as dedicated as her to run a business out of my home and still blog daily!

Award #2 = Comment Superstar

The second award is pretty self-explanatory! Give this award to your most loyal commentors.

Here are the "rules" for this one...
1. Post the logo on your blog (you can just cut and paste!)
2. Link back to my blog @

3. Nominate 3 of your best bloggy commentors and thank them for all the love!
4. Don't forget to leave comments for your friends so they can come get their award!

Billie @ Following Footsteps

Michelle @ Living My Dream Life

And Kirsten and Shea...again!

All you girls always make me feel special with your comments. I always look forward to checking in at the end of the day to see what you had to say!

Award #3 = The Amazing Mama!

This award goes to those blogging mothers that I am in awe of!

Colleen @ Young Adventures
Colleen is the mom of a beautiful, adopted daughter Linlee. I am in awe of her openness and willingness to share her adoption story with every one. She's also letting us in on the journey of a domestic adoption that she and Rob have just begun. Most recently though, Colleen has awed me with her commitment and positive attitude toward Linlee's recent ASD diagnosis. I don't know a lot of children with ASD, but I have to say that Linlee's progress since her diagnosis has been amazing and all the credit goes to her amazing Mama! And guess what, Colleen still blogs. Everyday! With pictures!

Gen @ Welcome to Quadville
Russ, Ally, Molly and Libby. Yep four kiddos! That's what Gen let's us in on everyday. And guess what? She just potty-trained all of them. At the same time! And they are only 3 years old! Gen, you're one amazing mama and I love that you share your babies big kids with us!

Casey @ Quilao Triplets
Casey shares her adventures with her triplets, Alyssa, Riley and Makena. Not that raising 3-3 year olds isn't hard enough, Casey works too! I just don't know how she does it! She must have extra hours in her day! And that is why she amazes me.

Well, now wasn't that fun?!? I really wanted to give all the awards to everyone, but I restrained myself. I thought they might be more meaningful that way! Now go forth and spread the bloggy love!


Shea said...

Awe Jen, you are the best! I will get to my next post about these awards right after work today!

Thanks so much!

Kirsten said...

Sniff sniff. . . I'd like to thank the Academy . . . hee hee, Thanks Jen!!!

Erin said...

Just wanted to pop in and say three cheers for Kirsten! You couldn't have honored a more deserving drinker who likes to comment.

Excellent blog spot by the way!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Wooohoooo!!! Thanks!!! :) I need to get to work on an award post! I was thinking about making a Special K award, someday. LOL I love these! You did a great job with them! I will pass it along! :)

Colleen said...

Oh, I'm not worthy! Jen, you are too sweet. You are just as much an amazing mom as any of the rest of us!

Karen said...

THANKS SO MUCH, Jen! You're a sweetie! I feel like I will never catch up on my blog these days--I as so much better at it last year, but oh well. I love how blogging allows me to meet so many fabulous people--like you! Now I need to think about this award and who to nominate ... hmmmmmm ... THANKS AGAIN!! :o)

Mama Kat said...

Awwww!!! Thank you so're so nice to me. :) And if it makes you feel any better I don't visit ANY blog everyday. I wish I could...but I use all my time up with kids and writing posts everyday!! ;) Thank you thank you!

Casey's trio said...

How sweet are you? Thanks for putting a smile on my face tonight!!