Friday, January 16

Meet another member of my family...

So last weekend I introduced you to my sister. Today I'd like to introduce you to another member of my family.

Baby M, 8 weeks

I am getting a new Niece or Nephew in August! My sister is having a Baby!!! I am so excited! Michelle told me about the baby a couple of weeks before Christmas and it has been under wraps until yesterday when she went to the doctor. All is well and her due date is August 22. She made her announcements at work, on Facebook and on her blog yesterday and today, so now I get to let everyone know why I said...

New years always bring exciting changes
and 2009 seems to be turning out to be no exception.
I have some (VERY) exciting news
that I hope to share with you all when the time is right!

- from my blog 12/19/08

So anyone who was wondering what that new was, well, now you know! So, yes, in a way I am having a baby! LOL!

I can't wait to update you all as Michelle and Baby grow! Don't forget, Michelle has her own blog too so you can follow her story right along with us her! Just click her picture over on the side!

I am already a proud Auntie!
I have four nieces from my Brother-in-law in Florida
and an adorable 18 month old nephew and niece on the way
from my youngest sister.
I love them all very, very much!
Like I said, I am just very close with Michelle,
so it's not just my sister,
but my best friend's having a Baby!


Shea said...

Congrats to you all!

Colleen said...

Awe, that is exciting news! (Although, I did think YOU might be having a baby. But then when you announced you were losing weight, I thought maybe not.)

Anonymous said...

Congrats Jen! Babies are so exciting! Especially when you can play with them and then send them home!

Becky said...

Congratulations Auntie Jen! That baby is gonna be so spoiled. :)

Karen said...

Congratulations! The due date is my birthday. :o)