Friday, February 6

The Ice Storm...


I have no idea what was wrong with my computer and picture programs the other day. I didn't do anything different this time and it worked fine! Oh well, I hope you guys find the pics interesting after all the hype!

Look at how crooked the telephone pole is.
It is bending from weight of the ice.

I took some pics from the car while we were driving to find some heat, hot water, lights...just electricity in general!

Our salvation during power outages!

See the yellow line.
That is some kind of power cord in our back yard.
(and yes, that is the technical term!)
Anyway, you can see the tree bending from the ice.
I suspect this had something to do with our power loss!


Shea said...

I'm so glad you got that up and working! I heard today that they've declared a state of emergency.

Becky said...

That sucks that you lost your power. I think we were very lucky to have kept it the whole time!

Kirsten said...

Oh no! Those ice pictures look way too familiar. Heart pounding, having trouble breathing. Post-traumatic stress!