Wednesday, April 28

Nothing to say...

Well, it's been a couple weeks since I asked myself if I still want to blog. I actively thought about blogging during those weeks and honestly, I have nothing to say! It's not that my life is completely boring, it's just that I don't really have anything I feel like sharing these days.

So, I guess my decision at this time will be to not blog. Of course, if anything truly exciting happens I am totally going to share with you all. I started blogging as a way to make some new friends and I have absolutely done that! I will still check your blogs and if you are on Facebook we can be friends! Look me up...

Jennifer D.

With that said, I want to give a shout out (in no particular order) to my favorite bloggy friends. Blog or not, we are still friends!

Colleen @ Young Adventures
~~Colleen, I am so excited for you, Rob and Linlee on your journey to grow your family. I can't wait to hear all about your new addition! Your daily pictures of Linlee may be for the grandparents but they sure make me smile too! You are an amazing mother and I truly admire the dedication and love you have for your child!

Karen @ 33 for a Moment
~~Karen, I will never be able to eat Chick-fil-a without thinking of you! I am so happy to have "met" you and been able to see Kate grow up (way too fast!) I am also overjoyed for you and Tanna as you prepare to welcome Isaac to your family! I am looking forward to seeing the (many!) pictures of him in your arms!

Casey and Gen
~~These two California Girls are the most amazing Moms of Multiples! I love reading your blogs and hearing about all your Cali adventures! Especially when all 7 kiddos are together!

Kirsten~~One of the very first blogs I added to my reader! You and I share a heart string through our sweet Coleman! We also seem to share the same sense of humor! I'm glad you "suspended" you blog first, now I don't feel like such a loser!

Raine @ True Confessions of a Single Mother
~~Raine, I'm so happy to have met you too! I love hearing of your adventures with Ryder and the Ferris Wheel! You remind me of myself about 10 years ago...Yikes, am I really that old? Actually, you are much stronger than I am and I am so proud of you for the strength and stability you give to Ryder!

Mama Kat~~This cool gal's blog has recently "blown up!" But I was there in the early days when she only got a few comments and didn't get to travel and speak at all the fancy blog conferences! I'm so glad she went to rehab and dropped the crack addiction!

Shea~~My book buddy! I love getting book ideas from you. And books too! Don't forget to keep up with Shelfari so we can compare book lists!

Renee @ My Special Ks
~~Another strong gal I truly admire! I am honored to have been able share your entire journey to Kellsey! I smile at every pic of Kassidy and Kameron's adventures. I get teary at just how very far Kennedy has come in the past couple of years...she's been through so much and is an amazing little girl. With great hair! ;) Don't stop quoting Keeghan! That boy is something else! I love you all and pray for Frank's safe and quick return!

This isn't's just "Until next time!"

Wednesday, April 21

9 months...

From this...

July 2009

Jozie (l) Kealie (r)

To This...

April 2010

Jozie Reed

April 2010

Kealie Jean

9 months ago, I fell in LOVE...twice!

***and happy FIRST birthday KNR! I love you very much too!***

Monday, April 12

To blog or not to blog...

...that is the question!

I have been a terrible blogger this year. I can't decide if I should "log out" of the blog world permanently or start writing again.

Is anyone still out there?

What do you want to read about?

Are you more interested in pictures?

Do you have any ideas, comments, suggestions on how to get back on track?

Sunday, February 14

Wednesday, February 10

Another 6 weeks...

Yep, it's been another 6 weeks since my last update. Colleen asked for an update so I thought if the fans are asking, I better give them what they want!

Honestly, not much has been going on around here. Hence the lack of updates. We have settled back into the day to day routine easily. It has been quite cold here. We've even got some snow. In fact, the kids had a snow day yesterday and again today. I am not a fan of the cold and snow. I have stayed inside, in front of my fireplace!

Yesterday, I got a touch of the cleaning bug and spent the whole day cleaning the house! It really needed to be done. I had started a chore chart for the kids and had been leaving a lot of the daily cleaning up to them. They do not know what they are doing. It is so much easier to do it myself!

I have not taken any pictures since Christmas and even then I only took a few. I just haven't had much camera time. It seems the camera is always just out of reach or not charged up!

While I'm posting, I have to give a shout out to Raine. She sent me this award...

way back on January 9! Thanks Raine! I'm so glad we've "met" and become friends!

I'm going to conclude this post with yet another promise to update more often. And another apology for not commenting on my friends' recent posts. I read them each time you post, thanks to Google Reader! I just don't always come and comment, but I always love you guys!

P.S. Happy Birthday Aidan!