Friday, December 19

Ready for a new Year!

I truly love this time of year. The Christmas spirit is a wonderful experience.

I also love this time of year because it brings a New Year! A chance to Restart. Renew my way of thinking. I am one of those people who loves to start anew over and over. I always restart the diet on Monday! So for me, New Year's Day is the Ultimate Restart!

I look forward to have a brand new year in front of me to accomplish all the things I wanted to do this year (but didn't do!) and make new goals to strive toward. I have been thinking about my list a lot this week. I plan to work on many of these items. I also have some other personal goals to work on. Both for myself, my relationship and my family.

New years always bring exciting changes and 2009 seems to be turning out to be no exception. I have some (VERY) exciting news that I hope to share with you all when the time is right!

I'm sure this post seems a little premature, but as I was deciding what to post, this is what was strongest on my mind today. I think I am able to look forward a little considering I am finished with all the Christmas shopping (still have to wrap!) and I have the next week scheduled already! I am a planner by nature and thinking ahead comforts me...

Here's what we have planned for the upcoming week.

Daily activities and dinner plans too!

I hope to post some pics from crafting and maybe even some more goodies, but if not you can see why I don't! So, now I am off to get ready for an evening out with my sister!

And speaking of my sister...she's been asking to see a pic of our new kitten, Annabelle. So, here she is!

Annabelle was a surprise to the family from Big Daddy.
He brought her home to us on the last Family Night we had!


Becky said...

Are you pregnant???? If you are and you didn't tell me Monday I am gonna kill you! Have a great busy week. Love ya!

Colleen said...

That kitten is sooooo cute! I want one now.

What a tease telling us that you have big news, but not spilling the beans!

Michelle said...

Are you pregnant, and didn't tell me tonight? If you are I'm going to kill you!!!!

By the way, I think I will join you for Taco Sunday, Pizza MOnday, and Turkey Wednesday, Hope you don't mind the extra seat.

Annabell is precious, can't wait to see her in person (or cat, what would be the correct way to say that?)

Jen said...

Oh you girls make me laugh! I am NOT pregnant and plan to NEVER make that announcement again! But don't worry, you all find out soon enough! Love you all!