Wednesday, December 17

Candies and cookies!

I worked up a storm in the kitchen. I made a lot of new things and some old favorites. I have a few more cookies and some brownies and cupcakes to make, probably Thursday. For now, here are some pics of what I've created thus far!

The old standby...and Santa's favorite!

These are M&M cookies. I tried a new recipe using a yellow cake mix and oatmeal!

A family tradition.
It's white bark, chow mein noodles and peanuts.
I think some people call them Haystacks.
My kids named them "Snow Junk"

Dark chocolate truffles. Extremely RICH!

These are called Pecan clusters, a recipe by Paula Deen.
I'm not too impressed with them.
They are made with Hershey kisses. See...

I have been trying to make fudge for years and it never turns out right. This year, though, I think I did it! This has been my favorite treat I've made so far. It's smooth and decadent!

Besides the obvious reasons (Mmm!) I liked doing all this baking and cooking because it gave me a chance to catch up on my reading!

I went on a field trip with Mr.T. We saw A Christmas Carol at Actor's Theatre of Louisville. The play was good, but Mr. T was not feeling well. When we returned to school, he got sick (yes, GOT, sick) so I brought him home and he slept the rest of the afternoon. I just took his temp and it is 101.2. Obviously, he's taken some medicine and is still in bed. Hopefully it's just a 24-hour bug.


michelle said...

EVERYTHING looks delicious!!!

Shea said...

Wow, I'm so hungry now it's not even funny! Awesome job!

Colleen said...

YUM! You have been busy!

I hope Mr. T feels better soon.

Billie said...

So, when you coming to MY house to cook?