Saturday, December 20

I love Christmas cards!

I was beginning to get a little sad because I had only received seven cards, well eight if you count the one from Domino's Pizza! Anyway, I am happy to say I was no less than thrilled to open the mailbox today!

Lots of greetings from friends and family!

Oh and Remember how I said I like all my packages to match? Here is what Big Daddy thinks about that...

Beautiful, huh?


Colleen said...

One year Rob wrapped every single gift to me in brown wrapping paper. I was so ticked that I could barely speak to him. As I was angrily ripping the ugly paper off on Christmas morning, I discovered that he had wrapped each present in pretty paper underneath. Why do husbands think it is so funny to torment us wives?

Glad you got some good cards in the mail today!

Jen said...

He claims it's wrapped nicely inside and he just doesn't want me to try get any ideas about what it might be!