Saturday, November 14


flies when...well, when you're having fun, when you're sad, when you're sick, When you're well, when you're bored, when you're busy. Time just flies! I can't believe it is mid-November already!

So much has been going on in our lives this past six weeks (that's how long it's been since I've truly blogged!) I'm not sure any better way to put it than as a "Random Thoughts" post!

  • My son is a Cross Country super star! He was consistently the #1 runner on his team this season. He was named Athlete of the Week in our local county newspaper. (I bought 9 copies at Walmart that week!) He placed 2nd...SECOND! the regional race on October 24. And he placed 21st in the Kentucky State Cross Country Meet! He set a PR (personal record) in the 4k (about 2.5 miles) of 14 minutes and 56 seconds. It was an amazing season! We are all so proud of him!

  • Rachel and Mallory turned 13 on October 8. I am officially the mother of 4 teenagers! They had a few friends over for a trip to Mr. Gatti's and a slumber party. They got 4-wheelers from us for their gift. I was very hesitant about them and they got quite a safety lecture from me. Mallory tumbled off the first day (don't worry, she wasn't injured) I think that scared them both straight and I haven't had many concerns since then.

  • My friend, Becky, gave birth to her third beautiful daughter, Madelyn, on October 16. I just received her birth announcement (hand-made by her super-creative mama!) and she is so beautiful! I can't wait to meet her and snuggle her close!

  • Speaking of babies and snuggling, I have been babysitting my perfect little nieces, Jozie and Kealie twice a week. Whew! Those girls wear me out! I guess that's why I am the mother of teenagers at 32 and not toddlers! I don't think I could handle it full time! Regardless, they are beautiful and amazing. I love that they are smiling and trying to laugh! They've got such big personalities already. Oh and Little Miss Kealie stole something from me! What, you ask? My husband's heart! He is in love with that girl and she with him!

  • Tyler turned 14 on October 30. We got him a new Mac Book. That was the only thing he asked for. Yes it was expensive and No he did not expect that he was going to get it. That made for an awesome gift presentation on the night before his birthday! He was so surprised. It was an avalanche of emotions and made the cost well worth it! He had another boy-girl party the week before his birthday. It was pretty much a replay of last year's party.
  • Halloween was uneventful. The kids all went to parties or trick-or-treating with their friends. It was a quite night for us at home. We only had about 10 trick-or-treaters. I felt bad for Jim. He loves Halloween. He decorated the yard as a cemetery and was dressed up very scary and then didn't have many kids come by. Michelle and Josh brought the babies over though. I made a big chili supper and we all filled all bellies with chili and all the candy we didn't pass out. It was a nice evening.

  • We've had a few illnesses throughout the house. Rachel, especially, has been struggling to stay well. She has missed eight days of school in the past three weeks. She is having a lot of sore throats, so a tonsillectomy just might be in that's girl's future! Tyler and Jimmy have both missed some days for general "not feeling good-ness" that a legitimate phrase? Oh well, I just created it. They both ran a fever but it only lasted 24 hours, so I wasn't too worried. Mallory has managed to stay well and we, as a family, seem to have avoided the H1N1 that seems to be making it's way through our town. We've even had some local schools closed because of it.

  • I am addicted to Facebook. If you want to know the real reason I have not been blogging, I think you can blame FB. Whenever I have a free moment, I seem to be checking out every one's status. Most of them are people I haven't seen or talked to in over 10 years, but now I MUST know what they had for lunch or where they spent the weekend. Honestly, it can be a little overwhelming, but it has been a nice way to reconnect with lots of people. Hey! I just had a thought...if any of you are on Facebook and we're not already friends...look me up!

  • My blog (and Facebook!) friend, Renee, just returned from Eastern Europe. Her husband stayed behind to bring home the newest addition to their family, Kellsey. She was officially adopted on November 10! I can't wait to see their whole family together. It has been an honor to share this journey with them!

  • Another blog friend of mine, Raine, has been feeling down lately. I truly hope that you are feeling better this week. I worry about you, girl! Let me know if there's anything I can do to lift your spirits! {{{hugs}}}

  • I am soooo looking forward to the holidays this year! I have already done some gift shopping and I just can't wait to get out the Christmas decorations. I will follow the old family rule though. Nothing Christmas until Thanksgiving dinner has been consumed!

I'm sure there are things that I forgot. I really want to get back on the blogging wagon. I love my bloggy friends so much and I will not lose touch with you guys! Don't forget that I am reading every post (thanks Google Reader!) on each of your blogs, even when I don't comment or blog myself!

Happy Thanksgiving! I just can't help wishing a happy holiday of some sort!

P.S. Still no pictures. Actually, I was able to upload pictures when I started this post, but I had to save and restart my computer and now I can't upload again. I just can't figure it out. I can upload to Facebook though, so if we're friends you can see a few new pics there.


Shea said...

I'm so happy that you are back!!! You guys have been busy and I'm glad you are staying healthy for the most part!

Awesome news about cross-country and making the newspaper! I hope to have one of those cut-outs in the future also!

Keep us updated!

Karen said...

Wow--you have been busy! Congrats to your son and Happy Birthday to all the birthday folks! Hope everyone is well and healthy now!

Colleen said...

Super update, thanks!

That's why I won't touch FB with a ten foot pole. I know it is addicting and I don't want to lose my momentum for blogging. LOL!

Raine said...

I got my own bullet point! Im happy to see you back :D Dont worry about me...