Sunday, November 15

Rachel and Mallory's birthday!

I can upload pictures today! :)
Time to do some catching up!

Mallory (l) and Rachel (r) at their birthday party.

Why yes! I did make the cake. Thank you!
I used a bear cake pan and iced it to look like a dog.
I added the "woof!" just in case it was hard to tell!

Proud dad of 4 teenagers now!

Tyler gave the girls a ridiculously sappy card. It was funny because, we're just not that type of family. The girls were reading it like...."what is going on here!"

Yummy! Slumber party breakfast!

Rachel (l) Mallory (r)
14 years old
October 8, 2009

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Karen said...

Love it--great cake! You did a fabulous job!