Monday, November 16

Scenes from 2009 Cross Country season

The Runnin' Colenels

The boys starting line

The girls' team pre-race ritual

Tyler, my superstar!

Ra-ra, my bulldog!

Tyler, always ready to run!

Rachel, always ready for fun!

Tattoos before the race....

Hanging with her girls after the race!

This girl gives her ALL every time!

Probably the most exciting finish of the season!
Tyler and one of his good friends, Holden battle it out for 5th place.
There was a ONE SECOND difference between them!

Washing off in a puddle! This was the muddiest season we have ever endured. Every race was muddy. This one was especially dirty and the coach asked them all to wash off before boarding the bus.

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Kirsten said...

I like your new background. Nice to hear from you :-)