Wednesday, September 2

Wednesday Already?

My internet fast went very well this weekend. I didn't log back on until Monday morning and I have only been on-line twice since then. It really is nice to get rid of that feeling that I must check on this and read that!

Tyler and Rachel's Cross Country team had their first meet this weekend. It was a large meet for the area so only 7 kids from each team were able to run. That meant Rachel sat this meet out, but she is such a great supporter of her friends and her team. I am so proud of her for her team spirit and encouraging nature. She is such a good girl!

Tyler's race was 3000 meters. That's about one and three quarter miles. He did great! His finishing time was 11 minutes and 10 seconds! He placed 27th out of 300 runners! And he came in first for his team! He ran great and was pretty happy with his finish. He was a bit upset that he came in 27th since the Top 25 runner received medals.

The start line. Tyler is in color. All the others are insignificant! ;)

Look at that determination. And this is just a warm-up!

Their next meet is this Saturday. Tyler and Rachel will both run. I have high hopes for both of them!

I am babysitting the twins today! As always, I'm excited! Now I need to run so I can get all my chores done so I can just sit and hold the girls all afternoon!

And just for twins holding Michelle's twins

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Shea said...

That's wonderful about the meet, what an awesome time! Love the pictures also!

Enjoy the twins, they are truly a double blessing!