Friday, August 28

Project Runway Update and An Internet Fast

On last night's episode of Project Runway, the designers had to design a maternity outfit for Rebecca Romijn. It was a good challenge and I agreed with the judges decisions again.

Shirin was the winner! She created the dress above. It had some amazing hand stitching above the belly. (BTW...I am no expert in fashion or sewing. I'm just talking about what I like personally. Sometimes I'm probably even swayed by the judges comments!) One of the most amazing things about PR, for those of you who don't watch, is that these dresses/outfits aren't just designed by the contestants. They also make them. They literally buy, cut and sew the fabric. This week they were given $100 and two days to complete the challenge! With that, Sharin made the dress and the coat above! Amazing, of you ask me

This was last night's losing design.

And it was created by this Freak, Malvin.

First thing...I'm just glad this guy is gone. He really is weird and was totally getting on my nerves last night. Now about his design...honestly, looking at the pictures today, it's not that bad. What was so bad, was his "vision" of the design. This was an egg. The collar of the outfit was feathered to resemble a chicken. In his original sketch, the top of the pants were supposed to be poofy to resemble chicken thighs. See what I mean? Weird! Auf wiedersehen, Malvin! I'm not sad to see you go.

This weekend I have decided to take an internet fast. That means no email, blogs or Facebook for 48 hours. I am tending to my FarmVille farm and logging off. I will be back on to catch up with what I missed on Sunday night. I just decided this about an hour ago. I don't know why. Just seemed like a good idea.

So have a great weekend! See you Sunday!

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Karen said...

Things that make you go ... Hmmmmmm ... What pregnant woman wants to look like a chicken? LOL!

I need to take an Internet fast. I am sure the DH wouldn't mind. :o)