Thursday, September 3

Random Thoughts

I have been a better blogger this week, haven't I?

Watch this...

Enough is enough with the kids already! This is ridiculous. 19 kids. JimBob (seriously) and Michelle need to sleep in twin beds. I feel bad for their kids. The older kids raise the younger ones. That is no way for them to live. Well, unless you are raising your daughters to be mothers. Which I'm sure they are. I feel bad for the younger ones because they can't possibly spend time with their parents. And to top it all off...JimBob just did an interview talking about how he and Michelle have date night once a week. Once a week??? Jim and I don't even have date night once a week. And we've only got 4 kids. Use your brains. Hillbillies.

A grammar lesson:
their - a form of the possessive case of they; their home, their dog
there - in or at that place; she is there now, he stopped there
they're - contraction of they are; they're stupid, they're annoying
Another tip when it comes to these three words. They all start with the letters "T H E." Never spell them wrong again! You're welcome.

((this is for you Dad))
((and anyone who doesn't know how to use these words correctly))

I was watching something earlier this week and they were talking about the different ways people from the North and people from the South talk. Like I would say...

"Are you having a cook-out this weekend?" Apparently in the North they would call it a barbecue.

I have always called athletic shoes "tennis shoes." Some people call them sneakers.

When I'm watching TV I'll say "turn this over" instead of "change the channel." Jim always teases me for that one.

Renee at My Special Ks had the highway/freeway/expressway debate early this summer.

What about Fall versus Autumn?
Or Dinner versus Supper?

This is interesting (and fun) to me, so I looked up some more examples in this article. I know I have readers from way up North and some fellow Southerners. What do you say?
(I put the word I would use first)

seesaw or teeter-totter
gutter or eave
lightning bug or firefly
skillet or frying pan
bucket or pail
soda/coke/soft drink/pop
living room/parlor
goose bumps/chill bumps

I'm curious to see what you all "say!"


Raine said...

Im in Boston:

barbeque, sneakers, change the channel, highway, fall, dinner, seesaw, gutter, firefly, frying pan, bucket, soda, sub, living room, wallet, goose bumps

how about:
jimmies or sprinkles?
pop or sucker?
rotary or round-a-bout?

I like this game :D

Raine said...

Just read the article and its funny because as I was reading the New England things I was thinking "Other people say different things??" Then I was reading the Southern and Western things thinking "What the hell are those?" :D

Jen said...

I saw jimmies vs. sprinkles in the article, but I didn't put it in because "jimmies" is just weird. Might have something to do with having a son named Jimmy!

Sucker over pop

And I don't even know what you're talking about with rotary and round about!

It is fun, huh? :D

Michelle said...

So I believe mine are all the same as yours... I don't know if you say dinner or supper, but I say dinner now... When we were younger it was always supper...

I always say expressway, ALWAYS!!!

What the hell are jimmies vs Sprinkles? Is that like the sprinkles you put on ice cream? Cause if so I have never ever heard anyone call them jimmies, that is weird...

Colleen said...

Hmm, up in WA State I say... Teeter-totter, gutter, firefly (not that we have those here), frying pan, bucket, pop, sub, family room, wallet, goose bumps. Linlee does not ask for a sucker, she asks for a lollipop.

There is also purse vs. pocketbook. And grocery store vs. market.

Billie said...

I say coke and I would like to address the whole "pop" thing. That is what you do to a pimple...not drink.

Thank you.

End of sentence.

Shea said...

The "turn this over" is hilarious! Never heard that one before.

In Texas we had alot of unusual sayings - all sodas were coke, we have ice boxes - not refrigerators, and of course the famous over-yonder.

I will proudly say that since I've lived in CO for fifteen years now I no longer say any of those. I do say gutter, seesaw, firefly, bucket, soda, sub, living room, wallet, and goose bumps.

Fun post, thanks Jen!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

turn this over?! What is THAT?! LOL
It's a teeter-totter, gutter, firefly, frying pan, pail, soda, sub, living room, wallet, and goose bumps. I'm from California but have been in TN for 5 years so I think maybe I'm being influenced! LOL

Neuffj said...

I have lived in MO all my life and I always say tennis shoes. I call soda, sodi or sodi-pop. I say lightning bug. I eat hoagies and get goose bumps, but never have I ever turned the channel over. That gave me a good laugh. Cute blog! I will be back. Another one is... do you turn the air up or down when it's too hot? Just curious. The Neuff

Raine said...

I just KNEW I had to come back to this post!

I never ever ever thought twice about jimmies until I went to CO. They looked at me like I was a crazy person - some people actually called me racist. I was shocked.

Rotary and round-about... traffic circle, thats the other name. I despise round-about.

I agree with Billy - pop is NOT a substitute for soda. Actually my screen name is sano2pop (say no to pop) because I hate the word that much :D

and I turn the air up - too much fun!

Anonymous said...

I am from upstate New York and I say seesaw,gutter,firefly,both skillet and frying pan,bucket,soda, sub,living room,wallet,goose bumps,sprinkles,purse,and grocery store.

Anonymous said...

Just to point out a lightning but and a dragon fly are two different things!!!!!