Friday, September 4

Project Runway Recap and Family Movie Night

This is not going to be a great Project Runway recap. I didn't really pay attention last night. I think part of it might be that I'm not a fan of the "team" challenge and it just didn't feel like Thursday so I wasn't prepared. I guess. In fact, I'm pretty much cheating and most of this recap is going to be plagiarized from this article and this blog Although, if I'm citing my source, it's not really plagiarism, right?


The assignment was to create a "fun and fashionable surf wear look" and pair it with the perfect beachy hairstyle. It's also the first team challenge.

These were the winning designs.
Ra'mon (below) was the designer.

The dresses are cute. They don't really seem very "beachy" but like I said, I didn't really pay attention so maybe I just don't get it. This is Michelle's favorite guy, so we were happy.

Mitchell (left) was "out" He and Ra'mon were on a team. Apparently Mitchell did no work. He has also been in the bottom two the past two weeks. It was time to get rid of this guy. From what I could tell, he can't even sew!

Tonight we are starting a bi-weekly (hopefully) Family Movie Night. It is a more grown up version of our previous family nights. I love the family night idea, but I honestly think my kids were too old for most of the things I wanted to do. They had fun and they continue to ask about them, but during the games and crafts they would seem bored or preoccupied. Since they do ask about them and I love them, I decided to take our favorite parts of family nights and create Family Movie Night!

Each week we will choose a movie and theme the night around the movie in some way. Tonight we are going to watch "I Love You, Man"

We've all been wanting to see this movie and it just became available to rent On Demand so that's how I chose the movie.

Our dinner theme is "I Love You, Italian Food" I'm making Chicken Parmesan, garlic bread and salad with homemade creamy Parmesan dressing. For dessert I am serving "I Love You, Cake" and during the movie we will have popcorn (of course!) and "I Love You, Chex Mix"

It seems to be shaping up to be a great night! I'm excited and I'm hoping the kids will be too! I plan on posting some pictures later this weekend.

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