Tuesday, September 29

I'm still here!

I don't know what has gotten into me these past two weeks. I have not felt like posting or writing anything. Honestly, not much has happened so that might have something to do with it! It's also rained here for an entire week! I don't know how you "Seattlers" do it. I NEED the sun. It keeps me going. We finally saw the sun yesterday! We also go the first taste of the crisp Fall weather yesterday. It was glorious!

Mostly I think I stopped posting because I was looking for something new and exciting to post about. Well, I haven't thought of anything exciting, but I do have some new ideas. I am restarting my diet healthy lifestyle today. I really, really want to be successful this time! I have decided to use my blog (and all my supportive bloggy friends) to help!

I am using the book, 100 Days of Weight Loss by Linda Spangle as a daily motivator to make it happen this time.

With this book, you choose your own weight loss program and use the book as a daily guide to make it easier to stay committed. I am going to use this blog as well. Maybe having something published out here on the web will keep me on track.

I hope you all will stay with me through this journey (?) and I don't bore you too much. Of course, I will add my personal insights on the process and probably even throw in a few non-diet related stories along the way.

If there are any of you our there who would like to join me in my diet lifestyle change for the next 100 days, I would love it! You can take a look at the book at Amazon or go directly to the 100 Days Challenge web site and tag along with me!


Becky said...

yeh! you're back! you know I will need to lose some weight after I kick this baby out in a couple of weeks. may not be able to start right away since I will be feeding the baby, but when I'm ready to start dieting I know you will support me too. here's to skinny bitches!!!!

Michelle said...

I am right there with you, seriously, let's do this together!!! And I'm happy you are back too! I have been checking everyday and am sad when i don't have anything to read from you. And I'm sad that you did not do a nice dedication to Ra'mone from PR... You know he was my favorite!!!

Kirsten said...

OK. Sounds good. I'm in. I started back on my diet this week anyway, my husband and I both did. He stopped drinking beer and as of today (3 days in) has lost 5 lbs. I hate him. Really.