Wednesday, September 30

Healthy Lifestyle Day 2

Today in 100 Days of Weight Loss,

Linda Spangle talks about deciding to be interested or committed to your weight loss.
If you are interested, you tend to stay with your plan only until something better comes along. Committed means NO MATTER WHAT! This is hard for me because I am always interested in weight loss, but I never seem to be committed. I am always falling off the wagon for some reason. A birthday, a football game or the weekend. It's so easy to make bad choices!

I had several opportunities to choose whether I was interested or committed. I am proud to say that today I have been committed. I did not have any leftover hashbrown casserole for breakfast. I did not have some cheese and crackers when I was craving them for a snack. I had a banana!

One day is not so hard. Staying committed everyday is the real challenge! I have several days of eating out and birthday celebrations coming up. I WILL make good choices!

In other household news, we have a Cross Country meet tomorrow afternoon. The babies are coming to hang out tomorrow. I am finished with my doctor's appointments for the next few months!

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Raine said...

Healthy food choices get easier after a while. Then you don't feel guilty about some french fries here and there. You can do it!

(you can't see it, but I am waving pom-poms for you right now)