Monday, September 14

Weekend Update

The weekend started with an AWESOME cross country meet! This week's meet was held about 10 miles from home and was a 3k (1.86 miles).

Rachel ran her race first and beat 40 other girls with a time of 17:08. This was a 10 second improvement over last week. Way to go Rachel!

Tyler's race was second and he placed NINTH out of 229 boys!!! We were so excited! Top 10 is a place we were always wishing for, but not sure when we would see it! AMAZING!!! Tyler came in with a time of 11:21.

Both the girls' and the boys' teams place 5th overall. A great Saturday to say the least! NO pictures. I didn't take my camera. I probably wouldn't have taken many pictures anyway. They were both just too fast for me this week!

After the meet and lunch, Tyler and I headed into town to do a little celebratory shopping. We picked up some video games and candy and had Taco Bell for dinner! The rest of the night was laid back and quiet.

Sunday was more relaxing. Pajamas, video games, movies and naps. Ahhh...refreshed for the week ahead!

I just watched my DVR'd episode of Project Runway.

The challenge for this episode was to design an eye-catching look for and industry event based on their models' ideas. It didn't seem like that should be a hard challenge. I agree designers have their own ideas, but they should also be able to put other people's ideas into their work.

This week's winner was Althea.

I like her a lot, but I was not a huge fan of the design. I see why she won though. Here is her design.

She had to create 3 pieces in the same time most of the designers made only one. I can also see how "Hollywood" would accept this design.

This week's loser was Qristyl.

She was one of Michelle's favorites. I wasn't sure about her either way.
Her design:

There was nothing wrong with this dress, but it did not live up to the challenge which was an eye-catching look. I can agree with the judges on this one.

If I had to pick a winner this week. I would have chose this design by Epperson. He is becoming one of my favorites!

You can't really tell how amazing the detail was in this picture, but this was a great dress! I would totally wear it! At the end of the episode, we got a clue to next week's challenge. Black and White!


Michelle said...

YEAH TYLER!!!! I'm still pretty upset at myself for not being there :( He'll just have to do it again next time I'm there!
I agree with you about this weeks PR. While I do like Althea's outfit and would totally wear it if I had the right body for that kind of stuff, I liked Eppersons better as well. He is my second favorite right now, behind Ra'mon. I also like Althea and Hannah Anna, I mean Carol Anna. Hmmm, now I don't even know what her real name is!!!

Colleen said...

It's been two weeks since we've seen an update. Hello, where did you go, Jen???