Tuesday, May 12

Two posts in one day!

You can thank Kat for that! She put up a link to my blog on her blog today! She is so nice...and funny...and pretty. Hey Kat, if you ever come to Kentucky, stop by my house and I'll brush your hair!


Since the link referred to my Team in Training experience, I thought this would be a good time recap the past few months!

Early January...I started this whole thing with an information meeting about Team in Training. I had been to one of these meetings before, so I knew exactly what to expect. I had my checkbook so I could register that very morning. What I did not expect was to sign up for the Marathon in San Diego. I went to the meeting with all intentions of training for the local mini-Marathon (13.1 miles) but after the excitement drummed up at the meeting, I was in all the way!

1/31/09...The fist training run. 4 miles. Yikes. 4 miles right from the start? I had a rough time. It was cold, very cold! If I recall correctly, the temperature was 9 degrees. There was still ice from the storm the previous week and many people on the team were still without power. It was an true introduction to the commitment of the Team I was joining!

February...During the month February, fundraising kicked into full gear. I worked a road block and started my letter campaign. Of course, training continued as we worked our way toward the 10 mile mark!

March...The month started off with my first injury and the first leg of the Triple Crown of Running! I finished the Anthem 5k in 31:40. I was very happy! Training stepped up and I ran my first full 10 mile run mid-month. I also started seeing Dr. Fortes at the SCORE clinic on a regular basis for my ankle/foot pain. I took it easy on the second leg of the Triple Crown and finished the 10k in 1 hour and 26 minutes.

April...The month started off rough on my foot. I took about 10 days off from running and ordered my custom made shoe inserts. Once I was well rested and my feet were completely supported, I was back on a roll. I finished the Papa John's 10 miler in under 2 hours and followed that up with a 3 hour finish in the mini-Marathon! I also hosted a Texas Hold'em tournament and raised another $300.

May...That brings us to the current month. Last weekend, we ran 22 miles. Wow! Was that hard! I was indescribably tired. I don't think that the fatigue is anything you can even imagine! I am so looking forward to our "short" 12 mile run Saturday. It's funny though. In January, I couldn't even run 4 miles without stopping. Now I can look at a 10-12 mile run as easy!

Unfortunately, fundraising has slowed down tremendously. I set a goal of crossing the finish line in San Diego having raised $4000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. As of today, I have raised $2,058.13! I'm so excited about what I have done so far, but I MUST reach that goal! I am just over half way there.

The team leaves for San Diego on May 29. I hope to meet my goal by then. And you know what? You can help! It's never too late to donate. You can do so quick and easy by going to my secure LLS website at

Please consider donating to this great cause!

The LLS has made great strides thanks to donations from people like me and you! In the past 45 years, the five year survivor rate for patients with Leukemia has more than tripled! The LLS not only supports patients suffering from blood diseases, but they are a major source of funding for research into the cures of ALL cancers. Even if you haven't been touched but a blood cancer in your life, it's likely you have been touched by some sort of cancer. Think of those loved ones before you say no.

And just in case you need any more reasons to consider donating...take a look at this Angel!

And his twin brother...


Team Larson
Brothers for Life

And realize that because of CANCER, the birthday below is the last one these brothers had together!

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Michelle said...

Great job Jen... I'm proud of you, and you will make your goal!!!