Friday, May 15


Whew! What a busy few days this has been! This end of the school year crunch is always so busy.

The kids are working on their final big projects for the year. Wednesday was the girls' Spring Choir Concert. It was actually really good. I wish I would have brought my camera and caught a short video. Among other things, they sang a sampling of songs from "Mama Mia!" I must admit, I do love ABBA and so does Kitty! She heard "Dancing Queen" years ago and fell in love. I gave her a CD of their greatest hits and there are many, many days that I hear that CD blaring from her room!

I have been busy with my PTA commitments. I seem to have the easiest jobs throughout the school year, but come May, I have so much work! I chair the 8th grade Dance Committee, plan the End of they Year Teachers Luncheon and pick up teacher of the year gifts and retirement gifts. Add in the fact that I'm always there to help my good friend, Madame President Brenda, attend extra meetings, field days and lunches. We just found out on Wednesday that the PTA is supposed to provide lunch for field day on the last day of school! What?!? That was news to both of us!

I have also been fighting the peer pressure to be the PTA President next year. We have had no one step up to do so and there is are a lot of requests for me to do so. I'm so glad that I am so busy right now. Otherwise, I might forget how hard things can get and say Yes! I enjoy my free time to do things around my house and run errands at my own pace.

And finally, I get to plan the twins' Michelle's baby shower for June 7.

You know that girl really needs to plan her life a little better with my schedule. Last year she got married in June and added to my end of year crunch. Now this year she goes and has a couple of babies?!? Good thing she's my sister...and best friend! All I ask is that you have the twins on August 17 and we'll call it even. Can you handle that? I go for another day of errands. I might even get my hair cut today! I've been trying to fit that in for weeks!


Karen said...

You are busy, woman! :o) We are very busy these days as well. It is definitely that time of the year--weddings, graduations, birthdays, etc. :o)

Michelle said...

But just think, when everything is said and done, you will be off to the beach for a while... I'm really sad that we don't get to go this year with you guys, but I know the reason why is much better than a week or so at the beach!!!

Now I'm trying to decide what I will get you into next year at this time of year. Hmmm...

Oh, and about August 17th... we'll have to wait and see, but with the way they are growing, not sure it's going to happen!!!!

Anonymous said...

nice... thanks for the link...