Wednesday, May 20

My List

Here's my "bucket" list and where things stand right now. I feel like I'm really getting things done!


1. Run a Marathon Will do! 5/31/09

See the USA
2. Drive across the country
3. Drive across Route 66
4. Go to New York to see:
Central Park, Times Square, the Statue of Liberty and ride the subway
5. Eat a Philly Cheese steak at Pat’s and Geno’s in Philadelphia
6. Go to the Mall of America
7. See the Grand Canyon
8. See Niagara Falls
9. Visit the Florida Keys
10. Visit all 50 states Been to 10, will be 12 after the Cali trip!

Travel the World
11. Go to Italy to see:
Pompeii, The Canals of Venice and The Roman Colosseum
12. Go to Jamaica
13. See all 5 oceans Seen the Atlantic and will see the Pacific next week!
14. Go to Mexico Gotta make sure the swine flu is cured first! :)
15. Go to England to see:
Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Westminster Abbey, the city of London and Stonehenge
16. See the Tikal Ruins in Guatemala
17. Live in the Bahamas

Get close to some animals
18. Swim with the dolphins
19. Go whale watching
20. Go horseback riding on a beach
21. Go on a Safari

Just have Fun
22. Be a member in the audience of a TV show
23. Spend New Year’s Eve at an extravagant party
24. Sleep on a beach overnight
25. See a Cirque de Soleil performance
26. Go ice-skating
27. Go skiing
28. Ride a mechanical bull
29. Go camping

Make Myself Proud
30. Celebrate my 10th, 25th, 50th wedding anniversary Almost to 5!
31. Get passionate about a cause and start a non-profit organization for it
32. Start my own business
33. Have an article published in a magazine or newspaper
34. Write a children’s book

Just Do It, already!
35. Go through a corn maze
36. Learn to knit
37. Make a quilt
38. Learn yoga
39. Start a collection of something meaningful
40. Plant an herb garden in my windowsill
41. Watch a sunset Will do in Cali!
42. Watch a sunrise Will do in Daytona!
43. Refinish a piece of furniture
44. Build something
45. Volunteer in a children’s hospital
46. Bake a cake from scratch
47. Enter a photography contest
48. Enter a chili cook-off
49. See a waterfall (besides Niagara)
50. Plant something…and eat it (besides herbs)

So, let's see...

You know about the Marathon.

You heard about the Corn Maze.

Yoga, hmm. It wasn't fun. I didn't like it, but hey, at least I tried it.

Herbs in the windowsill. Well, that is happening right now. In early April, I bought a kit and started my herbs.

I grew Chives, Sweet Basil and Parsley! Really...see!

I haven't used any of the herbs yet since I rarely use fresh herbs, so it's just a matter of figuring out how to use them. The basil smells amazing, though!


Michelle said...

Are you really going to see a sunrise in Daytona this year??? I hope so cause it's AWESOME!!!

Jen said...

Ha Ha! I hope to. Both Jim and I were pretty disappointed we didn't make a point to do so last year. I'm also hoping to continue running so I'd like to get that done early in the day, therefore making the sunrise a more attainable task! If I do...I'll take a picture of the beautiful sky for you! :)

Tyl1521 said...

Niagara falls is in canada not the US

Jen said...

You can see it from New York. Brat.