Saturday, February 7

Share a Smile Saturday

This week's video was made by my boys!

Yes, they belong to me. Don't ask me how they come up with stuff. And don't ask me why I think they're funny! They made this video at about 3 am one morning during the summer. They were sharing a room while we stayed in Florida during July. It's probably a good thing they don't share a room here at home!

Hey, why don't you share a smile with me! I love watching silly YouTube videos! Feel free to use my video choice on your blog if you want to participate and don't have the time to look one up.

Here's how it works...

1. Write and publish a Share a Smile Saturday post on your own blog.

2. In your post, mention my original Share a Smile Saturday post and link back to my blog.

3. Come back here and use Mr Linky by adding your name and the URL linking people directly to your Share a Smile Saturday post.

1 comment:

Michelle said...

my lovely nephews!! Always good for a good laugh!!!