Monday, February 9

The Lamest Super Bowl Party of All Time

I'm a little late, but I just Had to share the some pictures from our Awesome Super Bowl party last Sunday!

Jim got his Keg-a-rator just in time for the big game!

And with the HD TV, it was like we were actually there!


You know, we weren't really into the game!

"Go Steelers!"

"What did I do to deserve this???"

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Emily K. said...

I dont think many people had exciting super bowl this year. we go to our friends house every year, but it was very laid back. Not much excitement. :O( but oh well can't have a big bash every year! Also good look on your training for your marathon! You can always call mom if you need anything, because I dont know how well I would be at giving you tips, except chewing gum always helped me when I would run. :O) The berry tasting gums are my favorite to run with!