Tuesday, February 10

Where does the day go?

Have you ever asked yourself that question? It seems to cross my mind every night! So today, I had a long list of things to accomplish. I pretty much knew I would not get them done even though I should be able to. I decided to log every minute (well, almost every minute...no potty talk on my blog!) and see just exactly where the day goes!

Tuesday - To Do List
  • Go to bank
  • Go to grocery
  • Run 4 miles
  • Get check from Big Daddy (preferrably before going to the bank!)
  • Drop off letters at the Team In Training offices
  • Manicure / Pedicure
  • Get replacement battery for TI-82 calculator
  • Drop off old clothes at Goodwill
Honestly, does this list really seem all that impossible to accomplish??? Let's see...

7:30 - 8:10 am
  • Get out of bed and start waking kids.
  • Head downstairs to lay out daily medicines and paperwork for school.
  • Back upstairs. No one is out of bed. Wake all 4 kids again.
  • Back downstairs. Feed cats. Turn on TV and find my fave morning show (Clean House on Style Network!)
  • Upstairs. 1/4 of children are sitting up. Send her to the bathroom. The other one gets up. 2 down, 2 to go. Start knocking on the boys' bedroom walls and seem to get a response.
  • Wander around the hallway in an attempt to save another trip down and up the stairs!
  • Knock on the boys' walls again. They're up. Movement throughout the hall. Success!
  • Head downstairs to wait for kids to file down. They don't eat breakfast and I don't even try to suggest it anymore. Make sure all medicine, backpacks, paperwork, lunch money and field trip money are picked up.
8:10 - 8:20 am
  • Drop kids off at school. 1/4 to high school and 3/4 to middle school. Fortunately, both schools are only about 1 mile from our house.
8:20 - 9:45 am
  • Toast bagel. Eat bagel with peanut butter for breakfast during my morning computer time.
  • Computer time...check email and read blogs. This is where a lot of my time goes on a regular basis. (But today, I am keeping a log so I try to keep browsing to a minimum!)
  • Finish addressing letters for TNT letter campaign and create spreadsheet to keep track of letters sent. (things that should have been done Sunday night!)
9:45 - 10:20 am
  • Fold 2 loads of laundry (this was unfinished business from Monday's to do list!)
  • Dress for morning run (switch TV to CBS so I can try to catch part of Price Is Right I love it just as much with Drew!)
10:25 - 11:25 am
  • Run 4 miles (in the rain, I might add, all the while chanting Coleman's motto..."neva div up, neva div up, neva div up!")
11:25 - 12:20
  • Shower and dress for day's errands.
  • Received a VERY distracting phone call that causes me to lose 20 minutes of the day and miss the PIR Showcase. (No complaints though...more on that later! ;)
  • Gather everything I need to run errands and I'm ready to walk out the door. Just need to get a check from Big Daddy.
12:20 - 12:50
  • Wait for BD to print me a check. End up in a conversation about the recession and stimulus plans. (Neither of which I understand!)
12:50 - 1:10
  • Drop off bag of clothes at Goodwill
  • Make deposit at bank
1:15 - 2:20
  • Manicure and Pedicure
  • Now I know I wasted a little time here. I opted for the "Majestic Pedicure" Oh, but it was sooooo worth it! Leg and foot massage with hot towels wrapped on my very sore calves!
  • And honestly, this hour of the day is usually occupied with Days of Our Lives!
2:20 - 2:55
  • Missed a call from BD while at the nail shop
  • Stop at McDonald's for lunch to use their Wi-Fi so I can get directions to the TNT offices.
  • Call BD. He won't be able to pick the kids up from school as planned. No trip downtown for me today. (add an item to Wednesday's to do list)
3:00 - 3:25
  • Don't need to pick up kids until 3:30 so I stop off at Hallmark to waste a little time get some much needed greeting cards.
3:30 - 3:50
  • Pick up 3/4 of my kids and drop them at home. (Still need to get to the grocery so I can feed them tonight!)
4:00 - 5:20
  • Grocery shopping at Wal-mart Superstore. (Yes, I know, way too much time to spend grocery shopping. That's the problem with Wal-mart, they have the best prices but they also have a lot of "extra" merchandise to browse...)
  • Look for calculator battery. They don't have it. I guess I need to hit the Office Depot (another Wednesday item)
  • Call the house and have the kids waiting to help unload the groceries from the truck. (Sometimes their good for something!)
5:30 - 5:50
  • Kitty's soccer try-outs end at 5:30.
  • Somehow I wait in the parking lot for 15 minutes before she emerges from the building. (Ah, my little social butterfly!)
5:50 - 8:00
  • Cook dinner (breakfast for dinner, if you're wondering)
  • Eat dinner (had too many hash browns!)
  • Clean kitchen
  • Pick up house from kids being home alone for 2 hours
  • Goof around with kids
8:00 - 10:30
  • Check email again
  • Read more blogs
  • Check some statuses and pictures on Facebook
  • Start this blog post
  • Put the girls to bed
10:30 - 11:15
  • Head back upstairs to tell the boys lights out
  • Back downstairs for adults only time!
  • Cut some cake for me and BD for our late night snacks
  • Close down the kitchen for the night
  • Finish up this post!
And there you have it. My day! How did the To Do list fare?
  • Go to bank
  • Go to grocery
  • Run 4 miles
  • Get check from Big Daddy
  • Drop off letters at the Team In Training offices
  • Manicure / Pedicure
  • Get replacement battery for TI-82 calculator
  • Drop off old clothes at Goodwill
Not too bad, I guess. Now off to bed so I can do it all again tomorrow!


Karen said...

Wow--busy day! You got A LOT accomplished! I say ... very successful! YAY!

Colleen said...

Yeah, that's a busy day. I'm impressed. I took Linlee to preschool, did the grocery shopping and picked her up. That pretty much sums up my day. LOL!

Emily K. said...

Well if someone ever wants to know what you do, just tell them to go to your blog and read your "to do" list. :O)

Maddy said...

Sounds a bit like my life too, to say nothing of the cartoon!