Tuesday, February 17

Family Night #6

Our most recent Family Night was based on a concept by Big Daddy. He suggested we just play some games and the kids could win some party favors as prizes. I asked what kind of games and he suggested just old-fashioned games. So I took the idea and ran with it....

Welcome to Family Night - Classic Games Edition!

Everybody got a score card for the night.

We played Boggle and UNO. Easy but fun and both classics.

Toss Up is a very simple dice game that the kids have played several times since Family Night!

Big Daddy took care of dinner. He picked up Personal Pan Pizzas from Pizza Hut. We don't have a Pizza Hut in our delivery area, so this was a special treat! BD and I tried the new Lasagna they are promoting...yummy!

We also played the classic game Barrel of Monkeys!

No one was really very good, except BD...

He taught us all a lesson!

And the girls really paid attention!

We played Hide and Seek after the board games were done. The kids loved this. I think they would have played all night, but funny how the game isn't as fun when you grow up and start running out of places big enough to hide in! Mr. T is an amazing Hider. He hid in the bathroom cabinet and the dryer. Yes, he's that flexible (and tiny!)

The last game of the night was not as popular with the kids as it was with BD and me.

Bozo's Grand Prize Game!

This is where all the prizes came into play. We just had party favors for prizes. No one got past Bucket #2, but we gave them all the prizes anyway!

As usual, such a great time!

It seems like we've had more Family Nights than this, so I went back and checked the blog. Only 6....

1) Olympics
2) State Fair
3) Game Show
4) Opposite Night
5) Football
6) Classic Games


Michelle said...

looks like lots of fun, I would have enjoyed bozo's game too.

Colleen said...

What a fun night! You are sooo creative. Those kids are lucky to have you for their mom!

Billie said...

What a fun night!!! And hey...6 is 6 more fun times together than you had before!

Anonymous said...

what a great idea!!!
It looks like fun and I hope everyone had a great time!