Friday, August 15

Family Night #1

I've been inspired by Heather over at Whittaker Woman to start a regular Family Night. I think it was a hit at our house. I'll let the pictures (and there are a lot!) tell the story...

The Food...

What are we going to do?
Make flags!

And now for the Main Event!

If you can't tell, I don't play the Wii very often! It's hard!

But I did win the swimming meet! JJ said, "Go Jen Phelps!"

It really was a FUN night!


Anonymous said...

I am totally copying the flags! Great idea! H

Billie said...

I just LOVE the Olympics idea! I wished I would have thought of it when these games started. Family nights are the best.

Shea said...

Looks like a fun night! I have the same shirt (hearts as flags), too cool!