Thursday, November 13

A little bit of this, A little bit of that and still no pictures

Here's the response I got from John Deere about a donation for Coleman...

Thank you for taking the time to contact John Deere. Although it is always difficult to learn about the struggles of a young person with serious illness, we were encouraged by the information available describing the strong spirit of Coleman Larson. Deere provides millions of dollars annually through corporate donations and the John Deere Foundation to non-profit organizations that address world hunger, community betterment and education.

Each year, John Deere is asked by hundreds of worthy organizations and individuals to help their cause. While it is clear that nearly each request is worthy, we must decline many of the opportunities. Our charitable-giving guidelines do not allow donations to individuals or to organizations in honor of an individual. In addition, our guidelines do not provide financial support to health care research. Through our considerable tax contributions annually, we believe we help support significant government-funded medical research that someday might find a cure for cancer and other deadly diseases.

We appreciate the well-intended effort to initiate company support for this family and we hope you understand how our guidelines simply do not allow Deere to assist in this way. We encourage you to help where you can and we will remain hopeful for a positive outcome.

John Deere

So, on to Plan B. We won't stop until Team Larson stops and Team Larson Neva Divs Up (never gives up)!


We had a Family Night last night! The theme was Opposite Day.

The night started with an unplanned Disco dance party. I turned the music on (no TV on family nights) while I was starting to cook and the dancing and singing just broke out! That is always fun!

We had breakfast for dinner and played a (homemade) game called He Said, She Said. We had a lot of fun as always, but family nights on school nights, just don't work out as well. We still wanted to play the game Apples to Apples, but it was already 9:00 and Kitty had to finish her homework. There were also baths to be had and bed times to be met, but fun was had by all and we spent some quality time together and that is the real point of Family Nights!

The other...

Migo went back to training. The plan was for him to be home for about a month and then go back for more advanced training. He needs it! He's a working-class dog and really needs a job to do daily (training is considered a job in the dog world, I guess???) If I don't get out to take him for a walk, he drives us all crazy, so we'll see how things work out.

We rearranged all the furniture in our living room. We put the TV over the fireplace. It is much cozier now and we will be able to enjoy the fireplace this winter. We really did not take advantage of it last year.

There are only 41 days until Christmas!

And the end...

My plan is to get my camera synced to this computer over the weekend. I also need to transfer all my pics from my old computer. So, hopefully new pictures will be coming soon.

My mom is having a simple out patient procedure tomorrow morning, so I will be at the hospital keeping my Dad company. Once I see my Mom is well and on her way home, I'll be on my way around town to run some errands.

And Saturday might hold a chance for a date night! What about you? Any fun plans for the weekend?


Michelle said...

Thanks for the update on mom. I had no idea...

Colleen said...

As I got to have a real "date night" last weekend, looks like it will be Red Robin with Miss Linlee this weekend. Actually, that's fun too!

Your family nights always sound like so much fun!