Sunday, December 28

Christmas Review

I'm still tired and I have a lot of chores!
Here are Christmas Day and the day after...

Santa came!

Lookin' good Mr. T!

A winter hat direct from Russia for JJ!

Miss Thing kept her back to me all morning!

RED got everything she wanted and more!

Even the kitties got a visit from the big guy!

These were the only nappers I caught on film,
but we all napped on Christmas Day.
The kids were up at 4AM!!!
We sent them back to bed until 6!

On Friday Big Daddy's brother and family came over.
They are in town from Florida
and they brought the warm weather with them.

Ready to feed the fam!

Plenty of treats left to share!

Jo Jo had a little too much ruffage!

My Allie!

So, that's all for now...the washer is calling my name!

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