Monday, November 17

Rudolph's Round-Up

Yep, that's Coleman dressed as Rudolph for Halloween last year!

With stinky old John Deere being a no-go the decision has been made to hold an on-line "raffle" for Team Larson. Mimi will be collecting the money and hosting the drawings. Her beautiful 3 boys will do the actual drawing. Just wait until you see William. And while you're at it, be prepared to fall in love with Julian, her angel.

Also go see Michelle, she is donating a namesake (look at the ones she made for Jon and Kate's 8). She is a very talented artist and children's book author. You'll be amazed with her work!

Some of the other prizes that have been donated include:
Creative Memories Fall Kit
Inspirational Necklace
Lap Quilt
Child's Cancer Bracelet
Fresh water pearl bracelet

So, now I am going to blatently steal Michelle and Mimi's words to let you know how this is gonna work...

"Well, I want to do a "Cyber Raffle " this time , with one big prize which would include a couple of Juju things , a couple of wristbands , maybe a cancer sucks shirt ( I will figure it all out) then a couple of smaller prizes. I could sell "tickets " thru paypal or $$ in snail mail , like one for $5 and 3 for $10 . Then on a set date do the drawings online , make a video of the boys drawing the winning names. This should raise more money . And it will be for Team Larson. Call it "RUDOLPH'S ROUND-UP!" I dunno... The kids have so many toys (Peggy's and mine!!) that I thought we can still be part of their Xmas and raise enough money for them to maybe go see a show or get a nice meal delivered to their home... Just ideas...Oh and if anyone would be interested in donating a couple of prizes it would be awesome!"

If you would like to donate a prize for RUDOLPH'S ROUND-UP please email Mimi @

She is hoping to have all the prizes mailed to her so she can distribute them as the winners are chosen! Easy for YOU! Just mail it to Mimi and you are DONE! Easy enough, right!

OK, that's it! Please consider donating something if you have a special talent, like Michelle! Also, plan on buying some chances to win some of these great prizes! They could all be great Christmas gifts!

More info to come as I receive it!

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michelle said...

let me know when the tickets are up for sale, so that I can buy some!!!