Tuesday, September 9

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month Day 9

Did you know?
As a nation, we spend over $14 BILLION per year on the space program, but only $35 MILLION on Childhood Cancer Research each year.

What if I put it like this?
We are spending $100,000 per minute on the war in Iraq. Congress has graciously voted to spent $57 a minute on childhood cancer research over the next 5 years ...

Why doesn't this seem right to me? I believe in the Space program and I believe in the Armed Forces. Don't get me wrong, we must support and protect our troops, but should it be at the expense of our children's futures? I don't know how to fix this???


Jenny Weisser said...

Hi Jen,

Your blog has been popping up everyday in my Google Alerts because of your advocacy for Childhood Cancer Awareness. Thank you! I work for a nonprofit called Childrens Cancer Research Fund (www.childrenscancer.org). We have a campaign going this month called Complete The Cure(www.completethecure.com). Visitors can watch videos about childhood cancer and earn money to support pediatric cancer research (donated by some generous sponsors). If you would like to post a link to completethecure.com we would be very grateful. Thanks for your help and support of the cause.

Jimmy Gambino said...

I love when my girl gets on her soap box, yet being the devils advocate that I am........Cancer, especially in children is a tragedy yet more people die from the flu each year than from Cancer a fact that other lobbyists point out when funding time comes. Our government only responds to that of which makes waves, meaning, the more attention you can bring to this illness the more the government will give to the cause. Perhaps ridding our budget of the insignificant funding that takes place and bringing awareness to the cause would open the eyes of the most democratic, yet most flawed system in the world, good luck, you have my contribution........I would like to see Sarah Palin in a G-string.