Wednesday, September 10

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month Day 10

I want to post a comment I received yesterday from Jenny Weisser:

"Your blog has been popping up everyday in my Google Alerts because of your advocacy for Childhood Cancer Awareness. Thank you! I work for a nonprofit called Children's Cancer Research Fund. We have a campaign going this month called Complete The Cure. Visitors can watch videos about childhood cancer and earn money to support pediatric cancer research (donated by some generous sponsors). If you would like to post a link, we would be very grateful. Thanks for your help and support of the cause."

Check out the link Jenny suggested by clicking here.
And click to check out the Children's Cancer Research Fund site.

I watched the 6 videos. They are very short (yet compelling, especially the last two). You earn 25 cents for every video you watch! That's $1.50 for less than 5 minutes of your time! And...If you forward a link to the site to friends and family you can raise an additional 50 cents. There really are so many easy things we can do!

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Jenny Weisser said...

Thanks so much, Jen. Again, we really appreciate your support and advocacy of the cause.