Monday, September 8

Hopping off my soap box!

I was looking over my past few posts and they have not been too personal, have they? I guess I was just stuck up there on my soap box...

Cross Country meets started last Saturday. T came in first for his team at the first meet and took 2nd on the team Saturday! He's doing really great so far this year. His personal goal is to run a 5:45 mile by the end of the season. I definitely think he can do it!

R didn't run the first meet, but she ran on Saturday! She did great and didn't walk at all so that means I have to buy her a new WebKinz! That was our deal. Now she has to set a new goal.

Here are some pics from the first meet.
RED is 4th from the left.
Stretching before the race
Warming up. Mr. T is first from the left.
Here are some race shots. You can see T in the middle of each pic.


Shea said...

Love, love, love this! My boys have their 1st cross-country meet next Monday! I'll have a post like this one soon! Congrats to yours!

Colleen said...

Hey, this is your blog. You should be able to post about whatever you like! I sometimes get on a soap box too.

Your little athletes look great!

Becky said...

Way to go Rachel! I bet I would have walked A LOT! I'm proud of you too, Tyler. You guys make me want to get in shape. :) Love you and miss you!