Tuesday, October 27

An Award!

While I don't quite feel worthy of an award based on my recent blog activity (read…none) I am, nonetheless, honored to receive this award from Raine.

I love Raine's blog, True Confessions of a Single Mother. I was a single mother for a long time and while mine and Raine's situations are not the same, there is a sort of sisterhood that comes from doing this whole ""mom thing" alone. It only helps that Raine is the mother of an absolutely awesome little man named, Ryder. A mom and her baby boy…ah, I know it well!

So head on over to Raine's blog and check out her awesome writing. She's really good!

Oh and she called me one of her new besties! I've never been a bestie before. I mean I have, but no one has ever used that term to describe me. I think it's sort of a new fad…I don't know, maybe I'm just getting old!


Raine said...

You are one of my new besties! Even if you havent been blogging regularily. Ill wait :D

Heres the stickies: http://wigflip.com/superstickies/ then link up with Supah Mommy

Kirsten said...