Thursday, August 6

Random thoughts

The new babies are doing fine. I went with Michelle to take them to the Doctor on Wednesday. Jozie is 6.4 pounds and Kealie is 5.0 pounds. Lots of growing going on!

I am finding the thought of shopping for school supplies boring this year. Usually I am very excited about it. So far I have purchased loose leaf paper, graph paper and some glue sticks. School starts in 5 days.

I am having lunch with my brother tomorrow. We meet once a month for lunch. It's fun and a great way to stay in touch. I love that we have a set meeting date. We have lunch no matter if it's been a month or a day since the last time we saw each other. If you have a sibling you don't see on a regular basis, I highly recommend this. You know, if you like them.

I have cooked very yummy dinners the past two nights. BBQ chicken and broccoli casserole on Wednesday and a Chicken Tortilla Bake and black beans tonight. No other comments about the meals. I'm just patting myself on the back!

I think we're having pizza rolls for dinner tomorrow.
Comics for those with a sick sense of humor!

I have decided to run a 30k on September 20. That's 18 miles. I have ran a total of 4 miles training so far. Obviously, I'm super excited!

I am reorganizing organizing my digital pictures on my computer. It is taking forever and my desktop is a mess. It's also making my shoulders hurt from sitting in front of the computer so much.

I wish I had a big piece of chocolate cake with raspberry sauce in between the layers right now. Like P.F. Chang's Wall of Cake!

That is all.


Karen said...

That cake looks sooooooo good!

Kirsten said...

Damn, that cake looks tasty. Where can I get me some cake like that?

Raine said...

thats a great comic! :D

Shea said...

My husband doesn't like Chinese food at all but loves that cake!

Raine said...

You can def teach yourself to knit! Thats how I did it. I would suggest getting a book and a video. Somethings are easier to see in 3D, sometimes the book is good enough - and there are tons of videos and stuff online - Good luck! :D

JennyMac said...

That cake is quite a temptress! LOL.