Thursday, July 16

Home Sweet Home

After a month in the sun and sand, we are home safe and sound. We made it home about 11 pm last night. I have been spending the day dusting and vacuuming, reading mail and weeded the yard. Jim mowed the lawn and the kids went to see their mother.

I think Tyler finally got out of bed at 3:30 this afternoon. I'll take him with me to pick up some groceries and birthday decorations later. Tomorrow is Jimmy's birthday and Monday is Jim's!

I hope to post some pictures and maybe even some video during the weekend. I hope you guys are still out there! I know you have all been blogging and I've kept up with your posts using my i-Phone. Now I just need to drop by and leave a couple comments! I've missed all my friends!

1 comment:

Kirsten said...

Welcome back! Seriously though, I think that was the longest vacation in history.