Thursday, July 30


I finally finished the last of the books I took on vacation with me. I started this one right before we left Florida and I just got around to finishing it a few nights ago. It was a good story. I was happy with the ending.

Mary Higgins Clark was my first favorite author! I read so many of her books, that at one point, I could guess the ending before I even started. That's why I took a break from her for a while. This was a good story though, not very predictable. I must say, I did guess the ending but I was more than halfway through the book! Anyway, if you like Mary Higgins Clark, this is a good read and if you've ever thought about reading one of her books, this is a great one to start with. It's also a good one if you only get to read in short spurts. It's broken up into about 60 two or three page chapters.

The reason I'm most excited about finishing the last book though is that now I can finish the Abram's Daughter's series. No more left hanging, thanks to my blog friend, Shea, who sent me the rest of series! I am so excited to finish this series!

Book 2!
Thank you Shea!

Here's another book I wanted to mention.

I had heard lots of good things about this book and had seen it at the store many times. I picked it up and along with it's two supplements for me and Jim last week. We're both ready to get back on a diet healthy lifestyle. Well, I'm gonna be honest. I hate it. SB is basically a 200 page ad for becoming a vegan. Not that I have anything against vegans, but I hate to be preached at and that is what this book does. Preach and cuss at you!

These are the supplements.

I haven't read the men's book yet, but I did browse through the cook book and every recipe has tofu in it. Not that I am completely opposed to tofu, it's just I've never used it and don't really have use for a cook book with nothing but vegan recipes.

Anyway, those are my most recent reviews! I hope you enjoyed!


Kirsten said...

I almost bought that Skinny Bitch book, I thought it looked good but now, thanks to your awesome review, I will not be buying it. I do not know where Tofu is in the grocery store, and I don't want to find out! Thanks friend! :-0

Shea said...

You are so very welcome! Enjoy!