Saturday, May 23

The Zoo

A couple of weeks ago, I took the kids to the Louisville Zoo. We are so lucky to live near such an amazing zoo. I spent many days there when I when I was younger and still love to take the kids.

Now get ready for picture overload! This was our first trip to the zoo since I got my Fuji camera. I got some great shots. The exhibits at the zoo also make it really easy to see the animals in their "natural" habitat.

Even though I do not like birds, I did not discriminate.
Some of them really are beautiful.

But they are still scary! Like this bald eagle. This is the male that was guarding the female and her nest. You can't tell me that's not scary!

Mama elephant and her baby

The giraffe exhibit is exactly as I remember it as a child. The only change is that they opened up the back wall and now the lions can overlook the other animals. Just like in the wild. I love it!

The zoo added this award-winning gorilla exhibit about 6 years ago. This is the first time I have seen the gorillas outside!

Here's my kiddos inside the gorilla exhibit. I think there was a gorilla sitting on the other side of the glass right behind them. We always spend way too much time with these big guys!

Here's another fairly new exhibit. I love the meerkats. See how they look right at the camera? People say they pose for pictures and if there are no cameras around they go about their business as normal. How cute!

And finally, my favorites. The big cats! I love them all.

Aren't they beautiful?

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Michelle said...

I love the Meerkats too. They are just so fun to watch!!!