Wednesday, May 27


So I have a lot of the bracelets for causes. You know what I mean. Like the LIVESTRONG bracelets.

I have purple for TNT, green for Team Larson, a glow in the dark for LLS Light the Night and red for DARE.

I love to support the causes, I just don't like to wear the bracelets. I'm not being snobby, but, like gag me with a spoon!

Ha! Ha! Just kidding!

Kind of.


I've been wearing my TNT bracelet this week because I want to make sure I remember it for the trip, but Wal-mart this afternoon a ray of light...

led me to the "fine jewelry" section and I found these!

Just my style AND the perfect colors. Purple for Team in Training and Green for my inspiration, Coleman!

And just in time for the big race weekend. I've said it before and I'll say it again sometimes the Cman just takes care of everything! And you thought I was just kidding about the ray of light!


Kirsten said...

Nice manicure, is that in preparation for the big race?

Jen said...

Ha Ha! Sure is! I got a purple without really going too crazy!