Tuesday, April 28

Now I'm taking advice from a crack head?

Honestly, I think she's just kidding about the crack (well, ok I hope she's kidding) but Mama Kat is a blogger that I love to read. She's very honest and funny. Her sense of humor is a little whacked (hence, the crack comments) but that's exactly what I like about it!

Today, Kat wrote about writers block and if you have it, you could just start a post and type what is on your mind. So here goes!

My teeth and lips hurt. I feel like I'm 14 years old. But not in a good way. I got the braces on yesterday. I don't like them, but everyone at the Ortho's office says they will change my life. Hmm, I didn't know my bad teeth had been ruining my life!

I'm not a very good blogger. I take way too many breaks. I am a terrible mom blogger! I write a lot about myself and rarely about my kids. I think I will work on a 4 posts to highlight each of my kids. Maybe next week...

I hate rain.

Drew Carey is awesome as the host on The Price Is Right. I think I like him better than Bob Barker.

And, that is all. That is all I'm thinking about today. Wow, I have some very deep thoughts!

P.S. If you didn't like this post, blame it on Crackhead Mama Kat!


Shea said...

I love it!

It's okay to write more about yourself. It shows that you have a life outside of your children which is really important. That's something that I need to work on because my kids are my life.

Huge props for getting the braces! I have a friend who just got hers off at 41 and she looks great but more importantly she is so happy that she did it!

Hang in there Jen!

Mama Kat said...

See this post turned out great...just gotta get the juices flowing. And thanks for saying nice things about me...your check is in the mail.

And don't worry. When your braces come off you'll be pretty again. ;)

And I've never actually done any drugs, but I like to write like I have. I don't know why I think that's funny. Am I 10?

And for what it's worth there are a LOT of bloggers who don't have kids and I think get tired of hearing about ours so much. Just write what you want to write. :)

Michelle said...

cute post... Can't wait to see the braces... Does Price is Right make you cry? LOL!!!!!! I love you!!!

Kirsten said...

I liked this post. And I'm sorry about your mouth, I am sure they were just being dramatic and your teeth weren't really ruining your life. I have always found that anyone that works in any sort of dental office really does believe that your oral health should be your number one priority in a weird way. I mean in a way that if your house were on fire they wouldn't think anything of it to stop and floss before evacuating to the outside.

tyler said...


Jen said...

Shame on your mama!

HA! HA! I am his mama!