Tuesday, April 21

Crazy Busy!

After a busy weekend, I am following it up with a jam-packed week! Well, not a week packed with jam, but, you know!

Now that's jam packed! Ba Dum Ba!

Friday I did a lot of shopping that I hadn't done during the week. I met Michelle for dinner and then did a mini bedroom makeover to surprise Big Daddy. I don't have any pics today, but maybe soon...

Saturday, 15.5 miles! FIFTEEN AND A HALF MILES! Yep, that's what I ran! It took 3.5 hours, but I did it! Mr. T had a friend over for a while and then the boys went to see a movie.

Sunday was literally a do-nothing day. We slept in, watched TV, read the paper and took a nap!

Today I had my final impressions at the orthodontist before the braces go on. Yikes! I ran a few errands and had a lot of cleaning to catch up on. Mr. T and RED had a track meet so we had dinner at Wendy's...oh-la-la!

Tomorrow I have a niece being born! Wednesday is my mom's birthday. Thursday I'm volunteering at a running event with LLS. Friday is another track meet and Saturday is the mini-marathon!

Whew! Makes me tired just writing it down. Tonight Mr.T said this week just needs to be over. It's too busy!

I agree!

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Shea said...

Wow! Have fun and take care of yourself. Can't wait to hear all about it!