Friday, April 17


I'm copying part of my sister's post this morning!

Michelle posted a funny story about waking up from a nap confused last night. She frantically called me. This was our conversation...

M: "I am so sorry"
J: "Why, What's wrong?"

M: "I am supposed to be there... You're party. It's Friday.. I am so sorry"
J: "No it's not..."

M: "What"

J: "It's Thursday Michelle"

M: "Oh, oh yeah, that's right"

J: "Did you fall asleep?"
M: "Yeah at like 7:30, and just woke up... That really sucks that it's only Thursday"

J: laughing "Yeah, now you have to go back to bed and go to work tomorrow..."

What a dork! But seriously, do you ever wake up from naps confused like that? I can't really remember a time that I have done that, BUT...

Mr. T is the best at waking up confused! He has been like this his whole life. When he was little he would stumble around like a zombie after a nap! As he's gotten older, he talks about some really crazy things as he's waking up. He once told me to be quiet or I would be arrested for treason. WHAT?!?! It's great for a good laugh now and then! Just this past Tuesday he had another of his "episodes." I told this story to Michelle to make her feel better and now I'm going to share it with all of know, just for a laugh!

Tuesday afternoon T and R had a track meet after school that lasted until about 8:00. We stopped at McDonald's to pick up dinner for everyone (hey, it's no big deal, it not like we had McD for dinner the night before...cough, cough). After dinner, I sent R to the shower and T headed to his room. I said, "Do NOT go to sleep, you have to take a shower tonight!" His response, "I won't." At 10:00, I headed upstairs to out the girls to bed (yes, I still "put" my kids to bed even though they're teenagers!) I went into T's room to send him to the shower. Of course, the boy was as snug as a bug, asnooze in his bed. Here is the conversation we had...

J: "MR T! I told you not to go to sleep!"
T: "I'm not asleep"

J: "Wake up and go get a shower!"

T: "OK"

J: "MR T! Wake up! You have to take a shower tonight!"

T: "OK, I'm just gonna wait a little while."

J: "Wait a little while for what?"

T: "I'm just gonna wait until my mom comes up here."

J: "I AM your mom and you need to get up!"

............... (no response)

J: "T! Get up!"

T: "Huh? What? What's going on?"

J: "I AM your mother and you need to take a shower!"

T: "GRRRR! YOU ARE SO WEIRD!" and he goes to the bathroom and slams the door.

Yes, he actually growled at me! And no, he did not take a shower. I think he just sat in the bathroom for a few minutes. He then proceeded to go back to bed! At 11:30, he came downstairs for a drink of water and had no recollection of our previous encounter! "Hey Mom, I fell asleep. I'll just take a shower in the morning," and back to bed he went.

What a goof! Like I said, he's good for a laugh! Now, let's hope he doesn't growl at me once he sees that I posted this story!


moumoucong said...

i wish i can have a happy family like this too :(

Colleen said...


Michelle said...

I think I laughed just asa hard if not harder hearing/reading the story for the second time!!!! Oh yeah, and I didn't go back to sleep until like 2:00 last night!!!My word verification is parsalin, which reminds me of parasailing, which makes me wish we were at the beach right now or had one close to us and were parasaling!!!

Mama Kat said...

oh my gosh I HATE it when I'm off on my days!! Especially when it's Thursday and I think it's already Friday...the other way around isn't so bad!