Monday, March 30


Me and Kitty taking pictures of each other taking pictures!

The View!

We had dinner here last night. I think it was called the Gatlinburg Brewery. Great food!

Obviously you can tell...there is wireless internet connection here! I couldn't find it last night, hence the crazy i-phone post! Now I can share a few of my pics.

The game room! We have a pinball machine, two arcade games, a pool table and an air hockey table.

The hot tub! Even though the temperature is pretty cold (especially at night) it was still very relaxing!

Here's Mr. T in the theatre. It's just like at the movies. After dinner last night we went to the store for some popcorn and headed home to watch a movie. I surprised the kids with the movie BOLT. It is Disney's newest movie on DVD. If you haven't seen it, I recommend it! It was very cute and funny!

For now we are just having a relaxing morning hanging here in the cozy cabin. Of course we had to crank up the heat. It's a little colder than we expected, but that's not going to stop us from having a good time! Later today we are going to explore the town of Gatlinburg. There are tons of shops, restaurants and attractions!


Michelle said...

hopefully it will warm up there. It was 31 this morning here with frost on the windows and all, but they are saying it will get up to mid 60's. The place looks like so much fun and so relaxing!!!!!

Kirsten said...

WOW! That cabin is awesome. Nothing like the crappy cabins my parents used to drag me to as a kid. We stayed in a place for years that had NO PHONE, and certainly NO TV. It did have electricity, so we would have lights to read by. Ha ha - have a great vacation!!!

Shea said...

What an awesome cabin! My boys would love it! Have a blast!

Colleen said...

Holy cow, that is a fabulous cabin! I'll bet you guys are having so much fun!

Karen said...

What fun! I have spent lots of time in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. I grew up just a couple of hours from there. :o)