Tuesday, March 31


Yesterday we met some celebrities! There must be something going on here in town....
Big Daddy got to pose with Hulk Hogan!

The boys saw Tom Hanks sitting on a bench and asked if they could get a picture.

Then the girls ran into Judy Garland! No wait...

She's not alive any more! So what could this be???

Well, The Hollywood Wax Museum, of course! Look at how realistic these are! I think it has a lot to do with the eyes.

The hand looks a little fake on this one due to the glare of the light, but check out how realistic that ice cream is!

Of course I got in on the posing action too!

I wouldn't be afraid if my child was possessed by the devil. I would just grab her feet and trip her and maybe the devil would fall out...see?

Wow! I think I figured out how Hef keeps all those young girls so happy!

What? Is that inappropriate? Um, sorry!

Now, we're off to see some more fun things today!


Organic Meatbag said...

Good Lord, Heff really MUST have the allure!

Kirsten said...

hee hee. you crack me up.