Saturday, January 17

Share a Smile Saturday

I've been wanting to share some things that make me smile! I've also been wanting to host a blog carnival, so I came up with...

Share a Smile Saturday

Every Saturday I plan to add something from the WWW that made me smile (or laugh or roll on the floor laughing). These aren't going to be original videos or stories, but just things I feel are worth passing on! I don't usually blog on Saturday and I know a lot of you don't either, but I am planning to find my "Smile" throughout the week and schedule it to post on Saturday. The best part is hopefully we will all see some things we wouldn't have seen otherwise (and we won't miss each other so much over the weekend!)

I'm going to be experimenting with Mr. Linky below. Hopefully it will work!
(Let me know if you have problems)

All right, so off we go...
For the first ever Share a Smile Saturday....I give you

Single Man Dances to Single Ladies

I saw that several weeks ago and have been dying to share with someone. Who better than all my bloggy friends! Do you guys have any Smiles to Share with me? Yes! OK, here's how it works.

1. Write and publish a Share a Smile Saturday post on your own blog.

2. In your post, mention my original Share a Smile Saturday post and link back to my blog.

3. Come back here and use Mr Linky by adding your name and the URL linking people directly to your Share a Smile Saturday post.

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Becky said...

WTF????? That was just CRAZY! It sure made me laugh though.