Monday, December 1

Post #101

So in honor of my 100 posts. I updated my blog for the holidays! Do you like it? I sure do! I even gave my family cute blog nicknames! See? ---------------->

Now as promised, here are 100 (and one) things you might not have known about me!

1. I will probably go back to all previous 100 posts and change all usage of my family's real names to their new blog nicknames

2. I color code my kids ( J=green, T=blue, R=red, M=yellow)

3. I am slightly OCD (ya think?)

4. I take medication for that!

5. I have 3 cats

6. I give them all first, middle and last names

7. I don't put my clothes in a dresser

8. I hang everything in the closet (yes, even T-shirts)

9. I didn't learn to ride a bike until I was 12

10. I still don't really like to ride a bike

11. I'm not a very good driver

12. I failed my driving test the first time

13. and the second, third and fourth!

14. I graduated sixth in my class in high school,

15. but I never got a college degree

16. I worked in Medical insurance and billing for 12 years before I became a SAHM

17. I love soap operas

18. I watch Days of Our Lives religiously

19. but I could drop in on just about any soap (and enjoy it)

20. Sometimes I do!

21. I have a pretty good memory

22. I remember everyone's birthdays

23. but I usually forget to send the card on time

24. I don't really like to work on puzzles

25. my Mom said when I was a baby I would get so frustrated with those simple board puzzles, I would throw the pieces across the room!

26. My favorite book as a young child was Go Dog Go! by Dr. Suess

27. My favorite part was (and still is) the part when the two dogs meet and she keeps asking "Do you like me hat?"

28. I was raised Catholic

29. but, I don't go to church at all any more.

30. I love to make lists!

31. I love crossword puzzles

32. I don't like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie,

34. I think they are very fake.

35. I love Britney Spears,

36. and I'm glad she's getting better!

37. I lost all my "baby" weight in a matter of months

38. but I've gained over 20 pounds since I've been married!

39. I've never broken a bone

40. I've never been in the hospital (except to have Mr. T)

41. I think CSI Miami is the best CSI series

42. I have very thin, fine hair.

43. I can use little baby ponytail holders!

44. I also have very light, fine arm hair.

45. People have asked me is I shave my arms! (I don't)

46. I grew up hating the Beatles

47. Now I love them!

48. I grew up hating Elvis

49. I still do!

50. If I could go back in time, I'd choose the 1970's

51. and the first place I'd go is Studio 54!

52. My dad says I'm the funniest person in the family

53. I didn't need glasses until I was almost 3.0.

54. Now I need them all the time

55. I don't know how to swim,

56. so I'm scared of water if I can't touch the bottom.

57. I still love the ocean

58. And I want to live on the beach

59. I hate cold weather

60. but Fall is my favorite season

61. I don't stay up to date on current events

62. I rely on my husband to tell me what I need to know

63. I don't really know my left from right

64. because when we did the Hokey Pokey in Kindergarten, they wrote an L and R on our hands

65. I don't know how to hook up the DVD player to the TV

66. If Big Daddy's not around, I'll just ask one of the boys to do it

67. I have the clock in my room set 15 minutes fast.

68. I still have to set the alarm almost an hour earlier than I need to get up.

69. I love Mexican food

70. I love Italian food

71. I wish I cooked from scratch more often

72. I cook frozen food

73. A lot

74. I can't play any musical instrument

75. If I learned one it would be the guitar or piano

76. I don't like to nag

78. But I like to plan things and be in charge

79. Which sometimes leads to nagging

80. I took French in high school

81. I took Spanish in college

82. I can count to ten in both languages

83. but that's about it!

84. I hate playing cards

85. but I like Solitaire on the computer

86. My favorite color is green

87. My second favorite colors are purple and pink.

88. I love to grocery shop

89. I have one small tattoo

90. I want another one

91. I played almost every sport available growing up

92. I wasn't very good at any of them

93. I was a cheerleader from 6th - 9th grade

94. I think most cheerleaders are snotty brats

95. I played field hockey from 10th - 12th grade

96. I had a hockey scholarship to college

97. I had a baby instead

98. I don't always feel like a grown-up

99. I'm very worried about what people think about me

100. so that made this very difficult for me

101. I hope everyone still likes me!


Colleen said...

You are funny!

I took a sixteen year break from DOOL (watched it in high school and college and then picked it up again when I became a SAHM at 38) and most of the cast was still there! So here is my prediction about Nicole; she will fake the rest of her pregnancy and then try to steal Sammy's baby and pass it off as her own. Don't you think?

Becky said...

I don't like you...I LOVE you! You are so funny and real. I miss you so much!

Shea said...

I still like you and the coolest thing is that we are really different!

Karen said...

Great list! Of course we still like you, silly! :o)

Kirsten said...

Happy 100th and I hope you had a great Thanksgiving, it looks like you did. I LOVE your 101 things about you, it'a amazing how many things that are the same for me. Although I kind of like Brad & Angelina, I guess. I also have 1 small tatoo, I set my clock 12 minutes early, I have no idea what is going on in the world and don't care, I only failed my drivers test once, ha ha, and I LOVE LISTS. I Love them. Sometimes I put things down on a list that I've already done just so I can cross them off. I'm glad I'm not the only crazy one, I knew I wasn't. HAPPY 100TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Casey's trio said...

Happy 100+ posts!

Michelle said...

SOmeone asked me the other day if I shave my arm hairs!!!!!

My computer is back so I finally get to catch up on all your posts!! YEAH!!!

Dad said...

I don't usually comment because you know I read your blog. A few things though, number 39, didn't you break your finger during a hockey game your senior year? number 47, I knew you'd come around about the Beatles. The greatest? No doubt about it! Number 52, I said you were the funniest kid in a family of kids that make me laugh a lot. We know who the funniest in the family is. I think I did very well not to point out spelling errors. (that's my problem, not yours.) I didn't mean to make this so long. I should have just written you an email. Congrats on your 100th. I love you. Peace.