Sunday, November 30

Update and 100 posts!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. The kids went to Florida with their Mommie Dearest, but they are home with us tonight. Mr. T, Big Daddy and I had dinner at my parents' house with my sisters and brother. T made a Build-a-Bear turkey for my nephew. We named him Mr. Gobbles!

No pics from Thanksgiving. I forgot my camera. :(

On Friday, T and I met my dad at the movies to see Four Christmases. (It was good, but not great. If you like VV you'll like it though!) We see a movie every Thanksgiving Friday.

I love shopping and I usually don't like to go to the movies, but this is one day when I'll skip the stores and chill out in the theater. We did hit Target on the home though to pick up new stockings and Christmas candy!

When we got home we brought out all the Christmas deco. Mr. T put the tree together himself . Bless his little heart...I hate building the tree up and I usually have to do it all by myself. It only took us a couple of hours to decorate and get everything back in order.

Saturday I stayed in my pajamas all day, but I got the house cleaned and all the laundry caught up!

That brings us to today. Like I said the kids are back home. I think I have used up most of the Thanksgiving leftovers and we are all happily watching some Christmas movies, coloring and wearing Santa hats (expect to see my kids in those for the next month!)

In the weeks ahead, I hope to bake a lot of cookies, try my hand at some homemade candy and work with the kids on some crafts. Oh and you know, do a little bit of shopping!

And finally, this is my 100th post!
Glitter Words -

I really can't believe it! I wasn't sure if I was really going to get into blogging or not. I really enjoy it! There are times when I might take a bit of break (this holiday season being one of those) but I always come back! Thanks to all both of you who read! Traditionally, on the 100th post blog you are supposed to make a list of 100 things about yourself. That is going to take a little longer than I have right now so that will just be something for you all both to look forward to!


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Shea said...

Happy 100! Love the new theme also! It made me do a double-take and make sure I was on the right blog, ha!

Karen said...

Congrats on your 100th post! YAY!!

Michelle said...

I had to find your page through google, and when I got here, I was like what the heck is this? This isn't her page, cause at first it was just yellow. ANyway I finally read your intro and was like if that's not Jen, then someone out there is just like her, then it loaded and I realized it was you!!! I can't believe you are on 100!!! I love it!!!!