Tuesday, August 5

Back to School Preparations

Yesterday I took T for a haircut. Today he had his sports physical and we had to get his glasses adjusted at VisionFirst. As he put it, "they got really jacked up on vacation." Nice, huh? I wonder where he hears that language. We also still have to go shopping for school supplies and maybe some clothes. We got shoes last week.

I have been working with the PTA at registration each night. We have one more, 6th grade, tomorrow night. That will be the crazy one. So many new parents AND students. It's fun to meet new people, though. I'm also planning a Back to School Luncheon for the teachers next week. That will definitely be fun. It's a Hawaiian Luau theme!

The kids first day of school is one week from tomorrow, the 13th. They seem pretty excited. R and M start middle school and J starts high school, so that's a new adventure them. T just LOVES school, so he is always happy when vacation is over. Another reason to be happy, he is in the same class as one of his best friends. That always makes going back easier (for me too!)

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Jen, do you use a rss reader. It really allows me to read a ton of blogs and keep up. If I know you I put you in my RSS other wise I usually read peoples who leave a comment or if I got a referral from their blog. So no I don't read them all but I have 186 blogs on my rss. :) Thanks for asking. H