Wednesday, July 30

Getting back to real life...

This was the view from my living room and bedroom from June 23-July 24. Amazing!

I called Walgreen's for mine and Big Daddy's prescriptions last night after dinner (11:30 pm). When I got out of bed this "morning" it was almost noon. I woke T up and came downstairs to find Big Daddy asleep in the chair. No problem...I sat down to check email, ignoring my growing To Do list. I watched a bit of Days as BD woke up and then we got ready for lunch. While at lunch my brother called and I said, "I have to be quick, we're at lunch" His response, "It's 3:00!" Funny, it didn't seem late to we had lunch and ran some errands. When we got home I checked the messages and Walgreen's had called to say the Dr. denied my refill. I guess it's time to make an appointment. Now I can't remember my doctor's name! Seriously! I had to page through my address book until it dawned on I make the call. "If you are calling for an appointment, please call during regular business hours" What? How early does their office close??? I look at the clock and it is 5:30 pm.

So the point of my story is that I have to get back to Real Life and real time! Vacation was wonderful and so relaxing. Here is a typical day during this past month's vacation...
Between 10 and 11 Wake up
11 am Go across the street to the deli for breakfast
12 pm Bring bagels home for the kids, wake up any one still asleep
12-3 pm Lay on the beach or by the pool (I read SIX books!)
3-4 pm Think about having lunch or a snack
4-6 pm Back to the pool, maybe take a nap in the sun
6-7 pm Sit on the balcony for a while and discuss dinner
Between 8 and 10 Eat dinner
For the rest of the night we would sit on the balcony, walk on the beach, maybe play a game of Yahtzee and then head to bed.

Pure relaxation. There was no stress and nothing that needed to be done. One might think I would be eager to get back into the swing of things, but it just isn't happening! In an effort to make that happen, here's my plan for tomorrow...
Out of bed before 11 am
Lunch before 2 pm
Shoe shopping with T and R
T and R to practice by 3:30

If I accomplish that, I will consider the day a success!

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