Monday, April 12

To blog or not to blog...

...that is the question!

I have been a terrible blogger this year. I can't decide if I should "log out" of the blog world permanently or start writing again.

Is anyone still out there?

What do you want to read about?

Are you more interested in pictures?

Do you have any ideas, comments, suggestions on how to get back on track?


Michelle said...

Not that I should talk about people not blogging, cause you know I'm not doing very well either... But please don't leave, even though we see each other 2 days a week at least, I enjoy getting on here and seeing a blog of yours waiting to read!!!!

Some suggestions I have for you:
Your wonderful sister
Your awesome best friend
The two most awesome babies EVER!!!
The advertures of AJ, JR, the Dancing Screaming Machine, and KJ, Mrs. Laid-Back Independence!!!

Just a few suggestions!!! But seriously don't quit writing!!! Cause I would miss you!!!! LOVE YOU!

Raine said...

Dont leave! I mean, if you do, I will still feed your chickens on occasion, but I will be sad.

Blasé said...

Please do Raine a favor by continuing to blog...

Colleen said...

Yes, blog!